Table of contents:
Step 1: Assembly
Step 2 & 3: Powerup & Over-clock

As a Chinese American,

we don’t really do Christmas since everything is supposed to be communal anyway.  It would be like picking up our rice cooker, handing it to my mom and saying “Merry Christmas”.   But, my real Christmas came just a few weeks later, when WangleBeast stared me down.  WangleBeast, my new “HAUS” of a machine for WangleCreative, Inc. is a powerful machine built in response to greater demand for video and photography services.  Here are some factors I considered:

  • Fast rendering of video, motion graphics and some 3D. (CS4 Adobe Premiere, AfterAE, etc.)
  • Agility while editing and processing videos and photos.
  • Data storage performance AND redundancy, as well as options for off-site/network back up.
  • Upgradebility and modularity
  • The ability to pick up even the nerdiest dudes.

WangleBeast's components

After countless hours of research (thanks to my associate, Adam) and talking to Jon Geddes of we picked out these components for the rig:

  • Intel i7 920 2.66Ghz Bloomfield processor
  • Titan Fenrir Heat Sink
  • Asus P6T SE motherboard
  • 3×2GB Crucial Ballistix 1600 8-8-8-24 RAM
  • XFX ATI Radeon HD4850
  • Corsair HX750W modular PSU
  • Silverstone Raven 01 Case
  • Intel X-25E 32GB SSD
  • 4x 1T WD Raid Edition HDD
  • 2x 2T Hitachi HDD

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